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mpro5 is a leading, highly configurable field service management software platform on subscription, proven to drive efficiency, agility and performance for businesses.

Your tailored mpro5 app empowers field teams to get mobile jobs and workflow done on a phone or tablet. But, mpro5 is #notjustanapp, it’s a field service management software platform on subscription with own management portal, reports & alerts, powerful maps & graphs and more.

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Layered smartphones with mpro5 hub screen

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The mpro5 Service

Our clients receive a highly tailored and agile workflow application experience, not coded from the ground up, but expertly configured and maintained by our team.

Alterations to your system are included in your subscription and can be deployed fast thanks to cloud technology and the flexibility of our platform. mpro5 will adapt with your business as you grow, as your processes evolve or as we identify efficiency opportunities together.

“Achieved more in the last 3 days than our old system did in the last 3 years!”

“Your pace and agility is a breath of fresh air to this industry!”

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Unlock measurable business benefits, fast.

Your tailored field service management software solution from mpro5 will generate measurable return on investment by saving you time and money. Process automation and operational visibility opportunities will help you drive performance across departments and use cases.

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Field staff record work quickly with your tailored mpro5 app. Admin teams save hours once spent on manual data gathering with mpro5’s automatic reporting.


Eliminate the associated costs of paperwork and inefficient processes. Avoid the significant upfront and unpredictable costs of developing a custom app from scratch.


When you need a new process to be digitised, our team will do so quickly and easily so that you can be as agile as possible in your Digital Transformation journey.


Have full visibility of operations along with performance trends and make data-driven decisions with mpro5’s powerful management dashboards.

An InfoDemo is a free online meeting with us to explore how mpro5 can help your business.

Smart, flexible features

Jobs and Flows Menu Item | mpro5

Jobs & Flows

Jobs & Flows are your tailored processes, completed by you teams on the mpro5 app on their device. These can be scheduled, ad-hoc or reactive.

Reports and Alerts Menu Item | mpro5

Reports & Alerts

Reports of work recorded on the app are automatically generated and sent by the mpro5 platform. Alerts can trigger automatically when you need them to.

Maps and Graphs menu Item | mpro5

Maps & Graphs

Powerful field service management dashboards present your key KPIs information for a real-time view of all operational data, trends and performance.

Taking field service management
to the next level

IoT Menu Item | mpro5

Internet of Things

mpro5 integrates with Internet of Things sensors to send Jobs & Flows to your teams automatically from sensor readings: be reactive and eliminate manual checking.

Time and Attendance Menu Item | mpro5

Time & Attendance

Our T&A solution is flexible and tailor-able to suit each of your sites, with smart clock-in options such as facial recognition, NFC and fingerprint scanning.

mpro5 is trusted across industries

Businesses worldwide in FM, retail, logistics and transport use their tailored field service management software platform from mpro5 in order to record their processes.

We will work with you to tailor your mpro5 app to your processes and requirements, identifying automation and efficiency opportunities together. mpro5 lets you take a modular, manageable approach to digital transformation.

  • Health & Safety Checks
  • PPM & Reactive Cleaning
  • Brand Standards Checks
  • Waste Management
  • Falsified Medication Checks
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery
  • IoT-enabled Operations
  • Security Patrolling
  • Vehicle Checks

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We do the work for you

In under 30 days

Your mpro5 field service management software solution will be up and running within just 30 days.

In the longer term, don’t worry when you change your mind on something. All alterations and additions to your solution are included in your subscription and can be deployed fast by our Customer Excellence team – with no additional costs or long delays. Maybe you want different questions in your flows, more processes added, or to change your schedules, it’s all included as part of the service!

We're a service solution with full support

from our dedicated team

Our Customer Excellence team and our Support team are on hand for you and your workforce.

The team will quickly adapt your system over-the-air when you require changes and additions. We also have a reactive support team who are on hand to troubleshoot any queries your field staff may have. You’ll get to know our team by their first names, and will have any queries met quickly.

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